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A free assessment (without obligation) is offered to check if a search is possible. Searches are only offered if further information is found during the assessment.

The UK Adoption Tracing Service charges a flat fee of £349. There are NO escalating charges or further costs per hour.  We may need to order one to two public documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates, this is always discussed with you prior to ordering and charged at £9.25/£11.  

The full search is for one individual, this ensures that a search is concentrated and remains focused. However,€ other family relatives i.e. siblings may be found in the course of a search and will be included in the report at no extra cost. At the end of the search we will provide a full report outlining all the work undertaken; supporting certificates e.g birth,€ marriage,€ death,€ land register deed certificates; and the current name and address or final resting place of your birth relative or the contact details of your birth relatives family.

We support PayPal and a direct payment can be made using this facility,€ although a PayPal charge will be made at 3.9% on the final invoice.  Bank Transfer and cheques are also accepted without further charges.